Annual Reports

The close of the fiscal year presents a timely opportunity to brief shareholders, the investment community, and other stakeholders on your company's strategic progress beyond the numbers. We can give your readers the equivalent of a private boardroom briefing.


Articles, Whitepapers & Books

Sometimes you need a salesperson -- and sometimes you need a thought leader. With our assistance, you can influence audiences, explore ideas, and position yourself as an original thinker with a unique perspective.


"The AI Revolution in Insurance" (NTT DATA) Northeastern University College of Professional Studies Alumni Magazine



To stand out in a crowded marketplace, your brand needs a distinctive personality that communicates your value -- and values. We can work with you to develop and articulate your brand's personality, then bring it to vivid life through company and product naming, taglines, and all your communications.


Tom Irwin Advisors


Collateral & Advertising

The best print communications create an intimate, one-to-one conversation between you and a prospective customer. But they're only successful if they articulate and address your audience's needs in a way that resonates deeply with them. We can help you establish -- and maintain -- that conversation.


Events & Speeches

There is no more direct and effective form of communication than a live presentation. Cassidy & Co. captures and holds your audience's attention with inspired creative, media support, and scripting. Result: a strong, integrated message in your own true voice.


Moving Day Pageant (MIT)


Multimedia & Web Content

Multimedia communications have the power to engage audiences via multiple sense and on multiple levels. We're visual thinkers who can put that power to work for you, imaginatively integrating visuals, words. and sounds.